1. Telemetry

    LWD — logging while drillingm1_768

    • Natural gamma radiation of drillable rocks
    •  Apparent rock resistivity AR
    •  Polarization resistance PR
    •  Electromagnetic logging
    •  Neutron-neutron logging
    •  Neutron-gamma logging

    MWD — measure while drilling

    •  Inclination angle
    •  Zenith
    •  Azimuth
  2. Well Engineering & Construction


    • Estimation and management of well collision risks
    •  Calculation by the method of a moving cylinder and the method of shortest distances
    •  Calculation and inclination control of the well path.
    •  Testing the casing string for strength.
    •  Calculation of parameters and dynamics of casing cementing.
    •  Casing string reciprocation.
    •  Verification and selection of BHA elements.
    •  Testing drill string for strength.
    •  Hydraulic calculations for well cleanout.
    •  Engineering tasks to determine and change the parameters of drilling fluids, as well as to calculate a tool sticking point.
  3. BHA


    • Choosing BHA for various drilling intervals, considering all factors
    •  Final adjustment of downhole drilling motors
    •  Choosing the optimal DDM inclination angle
    •  Choosing the point for jar to be positioned in BHA
    •  Choosing the optimal drilling modes in-situ
  4. Rock Destruction Tool Service

    •  Choosing bit types
    •  Choosing the size of bit nozzle
    •  Rational bit run
  5. Well workover

    • Installation of a whip-stock
    • Whip-stock orienting
    • Milling a window in the casing string
  6. Completing the well by swabbing method

    • Lowering the level of fluid in wells or in tubing pipes only
    •  Cleaning the bottomhole zone from products of down-the-hole treatment
    •  Cleaning the bottomhole from solids produced in the bottomhole zone


  7. Cleaning the bottomhole zone
    • Cleaning the bottomhole zone from solids injected into the reservoir to maintain reservoir pressure, or after mechanical methods of well stimulation
    • Cleaning wells from heavy-oil deposits