Our equipment

Samara Geophysical Company uses in its work only proven and high-quality equipment from the best manufacturers, which has proven effectiveness and fault-tolerance in practice. The offered equipment, technologies, systems along with our high-qualified professionals will help to maximize the potential of both conventional and non-conventional oil fields.


  1. Telemetry
    Hydraulic communication channel


    Bottomhole Directional Assembly MWD / LWD, which includes an directional module, a gamma-ray logging module and an electric logging module (multi-probe resistivity meter);


    • 89 mm
    • 95 mm
    • 120 mm
    • 172 mm
    • 203 mm (optional)


    Electromagnetic communication channel


    Bottomhole Directional Assembly with electromagnetic communication channel for turbine-rotary drilling


    • 106 mm
    • 120 mm
    • 172 mm
    • 203 mm


    Neutron Thermal-Neutron Logging (NNKt), Neutron Gamma-Ray Logging (NGK)


    Measurement of volumetric hydrogen content (porosity) of rocks. Includes a compensated neutron-neutron logging tool and a neutron gamma ray logging tool (2NNKt + NGK)

    • 50 mm diameter




  2. Downhole Motors and Turbodrills
    Drill Downhole Motor


    At present, we offer to our customers more than 120 models of Screw Downhole Motors (SDM) with the following diameters:

    • • 43 — 95 mm;
    • • 106 mm;
    • • 120-127 mm;
    • • 176-178 mm;
    • • 195 mm;
    • • 240 mm.


    Failure-free service life of the motors varies from 150 to 200 hours of circulation, depending on the model of SDM.

    Geared Turbodrill

    Turbodrills are used for drilling oil and gas wells with any types of bits and drilling mud density up to 2 g / cm3 and higher; a heat-resistant version allows the operation at temperatures of up to +250 C


    Dimensions are as follows:

    • 122 mm
    • 172/178 mm
    • 178
    • 178/184 mm
    • 195 mm
    • 240 mm
    Motors designed for special drilling conditions

    For special conditions, we can provide motors of special design.

    • Heat-resistant version
    • Corrosion-resistant version
    • Higher energy performance
    • Option of installing a centralizer on the spindle
    • Operation with aerated drilling muds
  3. Bits

    We are ready to provide more than 350 designs of steel and matrix body PDC bits ranging from 83.0 mm to 444.5 mm in diameter, as well as drill heads.


    More than 1000 designs of roller cone bits with carbide and steel arms from 95.3 mm to 660.4 mm in diameter


    On demand we can provide customized bits:

    • Core
    • Diamond
    • Bicentric
  4. JAR
    Hydraulic jar

    Double-acting hydraulic jars are most effective for wells with complex trajectories, with the large deviation, when bringing the axial load to the stuck tool is problematic.


    • 110 mm
    • 124 mm
    • 175 mm
    Hydraulic-mechanical jar

    Double-acting hydraulic-mechanical jars are effective in straight line wells.


    • 110 mm
    • 124 mm
    • 166 mm
    • 175 mm
    • 210 mm
  5. BHA components

    Calibrator is designed for:


    • Calibrating the wellbore along the diameter of the bit,
    • Improving the bit operation conditions
    • Drop-off


    Our calibrators are distinguished by their high strength, also by blade structure, providing their equistability and centering properties stability until complete wear.

    Diameters: 123,8mm; 139.7mm; 142.9mm; 155.6mm; 215,9mm; 295.3mm; 393.7mm; 490 mm.

    Other sizes are available on request.


    Centralizers are designed for centering the bottomhole motor (BHM) and assembling of a drill string bottom.



    Diameters: 156mm, 131mm, 225mm, 215.9mm.


    Other sizes are available on request.



    The bit centralizers are designed for centering the bit when drilling oil and gas wells. Centering is caused by the flexible blades of the centralizer. The centralizer belts reinforced by the «Relit» allow to increase the service life of its blades.

    Diameters: 131mm, 225mm, 156mm, 215.9mm.

    Other sizes are available on request.

    Drilling Bit Reamer

    The use of Bit Reamers allows us to ream a hole ahead in horizontal sections with a high intensity of curvature changes with no risk of sidetracking, and calibrate the wellbore to the nominal diameter moving both up and down.

    Diameters: 123,8mm; 139.7mm; 142.9mm; 155.6mm; 215,9mm; 295.3mm; 393.7mm; 490 mm.

    Other sizes are available on request.

    Circulation sub

    Circulation sub (tool) is designed for:

    • Lost-circulation control
    • Improving the quality of borehole cleanout and facilitating the execution of round-trip operations while drilling

    Auto-lock system of multiple activation. The design allows us to inject different types of bridging agent into the absorption zone without pulling the drilling tool out, and also allows increasing the volume of mud pumped through the BHA. The tool is used to facilitate such operations in drilling, development and workover, as:

    • Injecting the bridging agents of all types, as well as aggressive and plugging materials
    • High-quality cleaning of the well by increasing the volume of circulation (Service life of the downhole equipment remains unchanged)
    • An increase in velocity of the drilling mud to surface, with hindered cutting transport (large zenith angle and horizontal wells)
    • Replacement of drilling mud
    • Acid and stimulating treatments
    • Core drilling
  6. Casing exit while side-tracking
    Wedge hydraulic anchor КОЯГ

    A tool kit for cutting a «window» in a casing with a hydraulic anchor. It is used for sidetracking by installing wedges in vertical and directional wells. For this design, a cement bridge is not required. The wedge is installed in the specified interval, which reduces the time and financial costs.

    Wedge mechanical anchor КОЯМ

    A tool kit for cutting a «window» in a casing with a mechanical anchor. This design requires the cement bridge to be installed in the wellbore in a given interval. It is installed by means of  abutment of the equipment on the bottom (cement bridge). Axial force causes the slips of the anchor to be extended and fixed against the walls of the casing, thereby the wedge is fixed in the borehole.

  7. Swabbing and cleaning the wells from heavy oil deposits
    «IMPULSE — USSTE» system


    Limit of measured tension forces


    Max, kg — 10000

    Min, kg — 10

    Reduced error of tension measurement, % (max) — 5

    The error of depth measurement at a distance of 10000 m, cm (max) — 50

    Interval between depth readings, sec — 1 … 99

    Recording time at an interval of 1 sec, hour — 96

    The depth sensor used is DGU-100

    Operation temperature range, С ° — -40 … +55

    Probability of no-failure operation: 2000 hours — 0,94

    “Compass” system


    Autonomous measuring system




    Gamma radiation (GR) — ГК

    Collar Location (CL) (2 channels) — ЛМ

    Thermal indication of flow (TIF) -СТИ

    Humidity meter (HM) — Вг

    Additional equipment: (flow meter, resistivity meter, hydro-geochemical 3-channel module for measuring fluid properties – pH (acidity), content of chlorine, sodium, etc.)

    Geophysical well logging hoist PKS-5-02PE


    Diameter of the cable used is 12.1 mm

    MAX depth of survey (min) 5000 m

    Capacity on the drum of the hoist 53 kW



    • Ram blowout preventer for NKT-73 DN62 (2,5 «)
    • Ram blowout preventer for NKT-89 DN80 (3 «)
    Packing Cleaner


    DN = 52, L = 650


    DN = 61, L = 820

    For wire ≤ Ø3,2

    Connection to the lubricator — БРС 2,5 «(Tr100 х 12,75) or — 4,75-4-АСМЕ


    Bore sizes of the gland and the split bushings depend on the cable diameter.




    • Standard lubricator
    • Lubricator loaded
    • Lubricator for the pipe NKT-89